Honestly, I’m impressed that these kind of incidents don’t happen more often than they do. Standing on top of a DJ table is a recipe for disaster, especially when you factor in the smoke, pulsating lights and darkness of the stage underneath. And attempting to do a leap off the table right when you know all the pyro and smoke and lights are going to set off? Forget it. Just ask Skrillex circa 2013.

This week, Alex Pall from The Chainsmokers took a spill of his own while performing a set to an immense crowd. In a video taken by what appears to be someone on the stage production staff, Taggart takes a blind step forward as “Don’t Let Me Down” transitions into a new track. He misses the platform, briefly shields his face from hitting the piece in front of him, and then lands heavily on his back.

Luckily, no major injuries have been reported. Watch his fall via the player below.