Two nights ago, what has been described by many EDM fans as the ‘tour of the year’ officially commenced in Atlanta, Georgia to a sold-out crowd at The Tabernacle. While many fans are anxiously waiting for the tour to hit their local markets, Vince Cantrell did tens of thousands of dance music fans a service by recording the entire set on his (presumably) brand new iPhone 7+.

Porter and Madeon‘s teams both stressed the priority they had placed on production for the tour, and judging by the visuals for the entire 80 minutes, they certainly delivered. All of the songs they played were special Shelter Live Tour mashups (naturally), with both musicians playing live on two separate stands.

I won’t spoil the set any further for fans who would rather just watch it (I know I certainly would). Stream the entire set below and view the tracklist here. Thanks again to Vince Cantrell who probably had really, REALLY tired arms after holding an iPhone up for 80 consecutive minutes.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut