Even though I doubt many EDM fans can say they’re familiar with Zac Brown and his musical work, when it comes to country music, the Zac Brown Band is about as big as it gets. With eight total Grammy nominations and three wins, you’d figure that Zac would be content in his own field, but surprisingly, it seems he’s recently set his eyes on tackling the dance-pop world after citing Jack Ü as an influence in his newest project, Sir Roosevelt.

Jack Ü is, of course, Diplo and Skrillex’s collaborative project, and in an interview with Billboard, Zac Brown points to his love of their music. He also added the more EDM sounding aspects of Sir Roosevelt were influenced by EDM/mainstream crossover superstars Avicii, DJ Snake, and Calvin Harris.

Stream their single “Sunday Finest” below and let us know how much you you think they drew from EDM’s biggest superstars.


H/T: Billboard | Featured Image Source: Socialfeed.Info