We’re no strangers to SMLE. The bass music duo has been putting out steady releases for over two years, and we’re proud to have stood with them since the very beginning (back when they were still known as SM!LE and had an entirely different logo). We even had the opportunity to premiere their self-released debut EP last year.

Though there is still a certain charm to their older music, it is very evident that SMLE has had some insane artist progression over the last year or so. Creatively, 2016 has arguably been their best years yet, with the duo adding a hint of spice to songs like Ellie Goulding‘s “Something in the Way You Move” and Kendrick Lamar‘s “Swimming Pools.” However, in terms of having a full, well-rounded sound, their Monstercat debut “Halo” blows their former releases out of the park.

“Halo” is as bright and bouncy as its title would suggest. Aside from its beautifully clean mixing, “Halo” absolutely fits with Monstercat’s current scene, which has been poppy future bass – in large part – since 2014. With a sound like this, I can see SMLE collaborating with similar names on the Monstercat roster, like Conro or Richard Caddock.

Helen Tess – the vocalist on “Halo” – worked previously with SMLE on their song “It’ll Be Okay” from their Reasons to SMLE EP. Her warm pop vocals definitely add to the sweet taste of this track, truly complementing the instrumental. Without Tess’ appearance, “Halo” may have not been the monumental Monstercat debut that it is.

Listen to “Halo” and buy the track below:

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