SMLE has been on the rise for some time now, delivering one whimsical tune after the next. They truly have grasped what it means to make music of a different caliber, and I think we can all agree their creations have sparked something amazing in their listeners.

They’ve finally released their debut EP titled Reasons to SMLE, and it’s jam packed with future and bass goodness. The first track “Every Chance You Get” begins with a dreamy vibe followed by massive electric piano and guitar synths. The tune is positively mouth watering, taking listeners down an incredible road filled with upbeat bass, happy emotions and dazzling dimensions. “It’ll Be Okay” follows next featuring soothing vocal stylings from Helen Tess. It’s got a very Owl City nature to it, most likely due to the brilliant drum patterns and pop-like essences. I believe it’s one of my favorite tracks on the EP, as it provides an excellent take on what SMLE can do with vocals.

The third tune titled “And Laugh” is definitely going to be a big hit among those who enjoy future music. There are so many winding electronic patterns and glorious synth melodies – it’s just so fun. I love when SMLE go outside the box to change the bpm, and their creativity and hard work really shine in this portion of the release.

The fourth track of the EP is called “With Me” and it features the amazing Hype Turner and Mary Ellen. You get a really wonderful dose of magic with this one, and it being a duet between the two vocalists makes it all the more special. I love how the track starts off, the thirty second mark showing off SMLE’s unique style and the sound we have all come to know and love them for. They honestly picked two of the best artists to work with on this, as their voices complement each other so well, and give off such a huge spark of love and talent in this song.

To close things out, “Breakfast Is Ready” comes on to soothe the mind and slow things down just perfectly. Rainfall trickles and birds chirp in the background while bells and charming bass quiet the soul. I think this is definitely my favorite tune on the EP, as again these amazing producers’ creativity just brightens things so well.

All listeners will be pleased with this release, and I am so incredibly excited for SMLE. Being a listener of their music over the past year and seeing how far they have come since their humble beginning has truly been a wondrous sight and experience. Be sure to check out more from SMLE by following them on their social media links below, and grab your copy of this fantastic EP today!