We’ve all been there… it’s our birthday, we’re drunk and a little loud, and we just want people to pay attention to us! For most of us, this generally ends up with an embarrassing video or two and maybe the occasional drunk text to an ex – most of us aren’t Calvin Harris spinning at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas with hundreds of fans and a microphone.

For a throwback today, check out this video from 2012 as Calvin Harris celebrates his 28th birthday in Las Vegas in front of all his adoring fans. He hops on the mic before playing his #1 hit at the time, “We Found Love” with Rihanna. He exclaims, “I am from fucking Scotland. Do you even know where Scotland is!? I don’t think you know where it is! That’s where I’m from. I’m from Scotland. I fuckin’ love you! Listen, I’m from Scotland…”

Watch the entire hilarious clip below.