Gorillaz have been steadily teasing us with the promise of a new album, and after reading through The Book of Noodle and today’s release of The Book of Russel, we’re more excited than ever.

Now, according to a Reddit user who met Damon Albarn just last night, the Gorillaz founder says he has “two weeks left of recording and the album’s finished.” We’ve also heard of an Albarn studio spotting with English producer Two Inch Punch.

In June, co-founder and Gorillaz’ artist Jamie Hewlett told fans that a new album would be released in 2017, and by all accounts, it seems they’re sticking to that plan. Sure, the album may be finished recording in two weeks, but with all the post-production and administrative work to follow, it’s going to be a minute. Still, Consequence of Sound makes a good point in bringing up Gorillaz’ last album, The Fall, and its Christmas day release.


H/T Consequence of Sound