TastyTreat returns with their patented blend of future bass with R&B influences which always makes for easy listening. To me, TastyTreat has emerged as one of more distinctive acts that have sprung up with the huge “future bass” label by smartly infusing R&B influences into their music with perfection.

Now, they’ve decided to whisk in some pop music influence with their brand new record that features Kid Lizard, Madi & Malcolm Anthony. With two vocalists in Madi and Malcolm Anthony, you might worry that there’s not enough room to shine for either, but they do a great job balancing each other out atop TastyTreat’s ultra-smooth R&B-esque production. Madi’s pop vocals really do sync up with Anthony’s rapping and the end result is a slick future bass track that has so much more to it than the usual synths and conventional drops.