Jayceeoh’s “Elevate” stands as one of the producer’s most successful tracks to date. Blending emotive female vocals with hard trap beats has always been a recipe for success, though Jayceeoh failed to fall back on easy goals and instead rocketed forward with this release.

In celebrating its success, or perhaps just as a service to fans, Jayceeoh has released an absolutely massive remix package for “Elevate,” with interpretations from Clips x Ahoy, Hex Cougar & NūE, Damien Anthony x Woogie, Herrin, Mashd N Kutcher, R!OT, Nine Lives, Maliboux, $MGGLR, Puzzles, RNSOM, KTRL and Castor Troy.

We’re not even going to attempt to play favorites here, so just check out each and every single one of these!