Dirtybird, the Claude VonStroke-owned record label turned cultural melting pot, hosted its second annual Campout festival last weekend at Silverado, California’s beautiful Oak Canyon Park. Featuring a lineup jam-packed with many of the most prolific musicians and creators in the underground realms, the event expertly combined the large scale thrill of a classic festival with the intimate, personal touch of a community more closely bonded than most in the electronic music circuit.

In honor of the event, and to celebrate the label’s inspiring progression to its current standing, VonStroke and the team linked up with Smirnoff Sound Collective in pursuit of an all-encompassing “Tribes” documentary that explores each of its core members and the story behind the movement at large. Coming as the third installment in the “Tribes” series, the 14-minute piece mixes in old and new footage from the collective’s founding members and most noteworthy contributors. From interviews with VonStroke, his wife and COO/CMO of the label Aundy Crenshaw and the famous grill master Grill$on to clips from Dirtybird’s earliest days and events, the history of the label is laid out from start to finish for the very first time.


In an interview the following weekend, VonStroke said that while the scope and scale of Dirtybird have drastically increased over its 13 years, the underlying goals and milestones that began the initial movement remain relatively the same.

“I think it’s very similar. Stay lean, create our own fan base outside of ‘the system,’ stay original and have as much fun as possible.  The only real difference is the large scope of the campout and the addition of clothing to the product line.”

As far as maintaining the rich community that supports the label, VonStroke said that the key to a genuine relationship with fans is to simply connect on a personal and unfiltered level. This is why, he said, the Campout included many games and activities that both he and the rest of the team participated in throughout the weekend.

“The artists are in the general public most of the time. Personally I play all the games and I know a lot of others do too. We have comedy shows, talent shows – and tons of participation from both fans and artists. It’s not just about music it’s about community and fun above all else.”


The connection with Smirnoff Sound Collective, known globally for its commitment to highlighting the most forward-thinking movements in electronic music, came as the perfect fit to tell the Dirtybird story, VonStroke said. Much like his relationship with the label’s fanbase, the partnership with Smirnoff Sound Collective came about due to his gut feeling and personal connection with the people involved.

“Smirnoff was interested in showing the family side of our brand and that story hadn’t really been told yet very well. I liked the idea and I liked the guys running the project. It felt good in my gut so we did it. That’s usually how most things happen we just say- are these good people? And do we like the project? “

Watch the complete “Tribes” episode below, and join us in paying tribute to one of the most legendary and innovative movements in the scene.