As of now, Fancy Cars is very much still a producer/alias that I’d very much like to learn more about. His latest single features Brandon Hall, which is another hallmark of Fancy Cars project – new vocalist with every release.

“Set Me On Fire” is the perfect, warm blend of radio-leaning indie pop and future bass music. With that kind of music becoming the ‘new sound’ of EDM, it’s not surprising to see more releases lean that way, but I have no doubts that Fancy Cars will set himself apart with this single. The production is wonderfully laced with ringing strings and future bass chops that really allow Brandon’s vocals to stand out and, for lack of a better word, pop. Considering it’s a pop-leaning single, the melody is beautifully written as is the top line – pretty good evidence that Fancy Cars is indeed the handiwork of a seasoned musician.

Stream it below.