With an upcoming, highly anticipated debut album titled MeccaLEViT∆TE. has just released his third single from the album titled “Clique Mode pt. 1.” This new single marks the third wave of LEViT∆TE.’s 4 wave album release. Each wave brings us new music and a video to accompany them, leaving us thoroughly excited for the full album release.

The forthcoming electronic concept album tells the tale of drug culture in rural low-income America. This new single gives us a glimpse into some of the sounds LEViT∆TE.’s influence, leaving us wanting more from his tortured, trapped out music. This new single starts soft, a simple piano chord progression and cello playing out a melody. TezaTalks cuts through with her powerful vocals, while LEViT∆TE. brings in a wavering church organ. The choir follows, bellowing ‘we were born to rise up’, cut off by the iconic trap gun cock, preparing the audience for the inevitable flurry of hi-hats. The madness of heavy trap beats and Spac3man’s stellar verses ensue, leading us to the final drop which will surely be seen as a trap anthem.

Check out the track below and get ready for the full album to drop.