We have been hugely enjoying the wonderful ‘Time Is Up’, the expressive new single from producer Luca Schreiner that just got a release through Ultra. To hear a little more about its creation, we grabbed a few words with the rising talent – and as an extra treat, we also have the exclusive premiere of the track’s official video, which you can check out below.

You’ve just released the brilliant ‘Time Is Up’ on Ultra – could you sum up the creation process of this track?

The creation of the track was quite an emotional rollercoaster. I had this instrumental idea which Ultra totally loved, but somehow we couldn’t find the right vocal for it. We had like over 15 different ideas from singer/songwriters but nothing really fitted the track 100%. Then basically out of nowhere I got this idea from Mick, and felt like this is the one we should take. Also Ultra really loved the song, so after a creation process of more than half a year, I can finally announce that this one is out!

What made you and Mick Fouse want to work together on it? Did you get in the studio together or was in done in bits and pieces?

I think for a young producer it is always hard to not only find good quality singers but also great songwriters who can transform a good instrumental idea into a real big song. So I felt quite happy that Mick liked the instrumental idea of ‘Time Is Up’. Even though we’re both from Germany, we didn’t happen to get in the studio together, so we only just worked through the internet.

How do you want the single to make fans feel?

I hope they feel as excited as I was when I first heard the idea from Mick. To me, the hook is what makes this track so special. With its use of choir and special top-line melody, it makes it really stand out from what’s out there at the moment – I think.

What inspires you creatively?

Actually quite a lot. I listen to all kinds of music in my free time. Lots of hip hop but also techno and some sub-genres. I think that’s also what keeps the musical flow going. I often try to combine certain characteristics from different genres in my tracks to bring up something fresh and new.

What do you have coming next in terms of new material/remixes?

Right now I’m working on some different remix projects for Warner and Sony. I also did a new remix for Shaggy’s latest track ‘That Love’, which will be released very soon.

Can you share a couple of your goals as an artist?

I definitely want to play more often in the future also outside my home country Germany. Also definitely one of my main goals will be to release another new follow up single in the beginning of 2017. Keep working hard and see where the paths go!