As with any festival or large public gathering, there is a risk of injury in attending. With the popularity of some drugs at EDM festivals, in particular, triage centers or medical tents have become de rigueur and expected at the events. While these have been effective in treating minor incidents such as dehydration or sprained joints, the occasional death still occurs.

In order to combat any and all negative outcomes, Insomniac Events, founder of the Electric Daisy Carnival festival, set up an actual field hospital at EDC Orlando last weekend. Reported by EMS World, the hospital received more than 230 visitors over the two day festival.

“It was quite an experience,” said Dr. Christopher Hunter, director of Orange County health services, who helped set up the hospital. “We think it worked well and we prevented [hospital] transports that didn’t need to take place.”

Still, seventy-one people were transported to the local hospital this year, up from sixty-five last year. However, looking at the larger picture, that number is well within range considering the festival grew by 15,000 people this year.

In addition to the field hospital, there were also two first aid tents and two EMS rooms set up in the field.

“A section was for people who needed to rest and some people just sat toward the front to take a break from the crowd,” Hunter said. “It’s a unique setting to be in the field hospital.” There were no fatalities reported.


via EMS World | Image via Rukes