It always brings us great pleasure to put you lovely people onto beat hustlers you may not have known about. And when it comes to SOSAY, you can be sure he hustles beats of the finest caliber.

We first encountered this Santa Cruz, CA native’s work while covering the High Noon Pact cyphers; needless to say, he caught our attention. His talent and drive have only increased since then, and Low End Landscape is a testament to all his hard work. Featuring five all-original tracks, the record serves as a perfect introduction to SOSAY’s sound. Speaker-knocking 808s dominate the arrangements, creating the perfect backdrop for minimal synth melodies to sparkle and shine. The influences of purple and trap music make themselves quite apparent, but the West Coast bass shines through just as well.

Best of all, Low End Landscape is available as a name-your-price download via MalLalbel Music. Stream the full EP after the jump and be sure to grab a copy on Bandcamp if you’re feeling the vibes.


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