The best thing about an artist curated Spotify playlist, is that unlike a DJ-set or live performance by said artist, he can feel truly free to put in whatever music that he likes or has been listening to without the need to appease a specific crowd.

Here at Your EDM, The Martin Garrix Show Spotify playlist has quickly established itself as our second favorite Spotify playlist (after ours of course), with not only his weekly update, but also a surprising nose for music that you wouldn’t expect him to be listening to Martin Garrix.

We’ve praised Martin for an acute bass and trap ear in the past and he hasn’t let us down once again with plugs from LIONE, Popeska, Sikdope, and more. In addition he’s also given shoutouts to some of the biggest releases of the last week with Flume’s brand new Skin Companion EP to a brand new San Holo single, some StarboyJustice, and more. With so many different sounds and styles going on here you’ll be sure to sink your teeth into something new that you’ll absolutely love in the two-hour playlist below.

Featured Image Source: Rukes