Though 2016 is ending, 2017 is already looking to be big in the world of dance music. Beyond albums and new artists and the regular new additions to the industry, Mixmag and Smirnoff will be partnering in 2017 for the Smirnoff Sound Collective program.

The Smirnoff Sound Collective aims to promote greater visibility dance music across gender, race, sexual orientation, genres and beyond. The program brings together up-and-coming artists that represent a variety of backgrounds, genders, orientations etc. with accomplished artist and industry mentors.

Together there are currently 15 artists and 13 mentors that make up the Smirnoff Sound Collective:

Cakes Da Killa
Cry Baby
Gina Turner
Julia Govor
Michael Brun
Nina Dioz
Nomi Ruiz
Oceanvs Orientalis
Bob Moses, Artist
Carlos Correal, Music Director, Insomniac
Daouda Leonard and Rick Trainor of With You., Artists
Julia Willinger, Senior Vice President of A&R Records and Publishing at Mom + Pop Music
Katie Longmyer, Founder and CEO of Good Peoples
Kevin Saunderson, Artist
Nat Esten, Artist Manager, Milk & Honey
Olga Zegers, Former Music Director at ID&T
Roy Davis Jr., Artist
Toby Andrews, Head of Electronic Music Marketing Sony Music

The first Smirnoff Sound Collective event will take place today, November 30. Various artists will livestream via Mixmag’s Facebook page, culminating in a set from Cry Baby.