Let’s face it, we’re fed up with Soundcloud. Even though it was just announced that DJ mixes won’t be taken down, thanks to partnerships with organizations like GEMA, it doesn’t excuse a host of problems that the platform has been facing in the past year or two. But what if there was something better?

Enter: Orfium.

Positioning itself as the answer to Soundcloud (and eventually Spotify and Apple Music), Orfium’s UI is elegant and easily navigable. But its true strength lies in the abilities afforded to users and content creators.

1. Orfium is able to give 50% more earnings to artists than the next highest streaming platform.

Compared to Soundcloud, Orfium is able to offer its content creators a greater share of the revenue generated from tracks for both premium and free music. All services are offered on a non-exclusive basis when possible, and artists can opt-in or out of each service on a track by track basis and at any time. Hosting and sharing is always free, and there are never any upfront costs.


2. Easily upload remixes of other artists and earn money when an artist uploads a remix of your originals

Orfium co-founder and CEO Chris Mohoney says, “In the case of unauthorized remixes where the uploader has not cleared the rights, the monetization rights to the remix on Orfium would be abstracted and assigned to the original rights holder. In the case where the remixing artist does not want the song to be monetized, we plan to also allow the remixing artist the option to purchase a license as an alternative means of compensating the rights holder.”

3. YouTube monetization

YouTube’s Content ID service scans for all videos on YouTube uploaded by anyone anywhere in the world that contain their music and generates royalties through video advertisements wherever a match is found. Using this service not only helps the artists, but helps Orfium to remain independent of investors so they can retain control and stay true to their mission of empowering artists.


4. Listeners can share and follow playlists and can follow other users for feed updates

Currently on Soundcloud, there’s no option to follow a playlist, and the only other service to offer the ability to do both is Spotify. Orfium is giving its users more freedom with how to stay in touch with an artist’s music right off the bat.

It’s also much easier to keep up with the music you’ve saved/purchased through the ‘My Music’ section on the right sidebar of the website, adding to the smooth user experience.

5. Special accounts for record labels, influencers, event companies, and publishers.

Labels, for example, can upload songs that appear on both the label’s profile and their artists’ profiles. It’s also possible for multiple artists to be tagged in a single song which then appears on both profiles. This keeps all of the stats aggregated in one place and makes it much easier to manage the song by both parties. This is a major improvement over Soundcloud where a track either has to be uploaded on each artist’s profile, or just simply reposted.


This branded article was created in collaboration with Orfium