I’ve developed a certain love/hate relationship with Sullivan King. I love him, and he hates to admit that he loves the attention. I’ve been covering him for a long time on Your EDM if not because he’s a great person, then because his music is attention grabbing and different than 95% of what’s coming out in EDM. When was the last time a producer (who wasn’t Sullivan King) unabashedly used metal chords and screaming in a track? I thought so.

In his latest collaboration with Riot Ten that they’ve both been playing out forever, you get a heavy dose of everything from metal to dubstep, screaming voices and screaming chords, and an epic feeling of “Oh my god, how did my jaw end up on the floor?”

Check out “Fuck It” below and grab your free download if you’re feeling naughty.

Sullivan King is playing in LA this Friday at Avalon Hollywood with Jaykode, Protohype and Nightowls. Tickets can be purchased here.