From grimy dub to overwhelming trap beats, Decadon and Contrvbvnd have been absolutely slaughtering the production game in 2016. Teaming up for an end of the year, hyphy anthem that will have any crowd salivating for more, the pair of artists team for their collab “Where You At” on Panda Funk’s label for a massive hit you won’t want to miss.

Combining forces for an absolute trap banger that will have your a** shaking and neck breaking, “Where You At” features haunting melodies that prepare you for an absolute torrent of bass filled epicness. With glitched vocals, an intense percussion line and enough bass to make your grandma think there’s an earthquake, this latest hit is one that you can’t sleep on. The tune is out now for free on Soundcloud for a limited time, so make sure to check it out and snag the free download ASAP. You know you don’t want to miss this.