According to a report by Yelawolf’s DJ, Chris Karns, found on The Source, Derek “Pretty Lights” Smith and iconic hip hop producer Rick Rubin have begun collaborative work on Pretty Lights’ upcoming album. Along with the help of Karns himself, who previously worked with Pretty Lights in 2014 at Snowball Festival in Denver, the two spent multiple days inside Rubin’s legendary Shangri La Studios, where Pretty Lights “literally had a semi-truck outside of the studio tons of vintage and rare gear from all over the world.”

Karns said that their initial meeting was not planned, but happened by accident while Pretty Lights was eating breakfast.

“When Derek dropped his album Color Map of the Sun, and was even nominated for a Grammy, and at some point Rick had already become a fan of his work… according to him (Pretty Lights), he was sitting somewhere eating some pancakes and Rick sat down, and didn’t know what to say to him.”

For five days, Karns said Pretty Lights acted as a director from the booth while telling the musicians inside the studio which instruments to play. The result of the recording sessions, he said, is “incredible.”

“He (Pretty Lights) likes to take risks, he’s the type of person to just go for it. He’s very ambitious, he’ll bite off more than you think he can chew, and right when you think he can’t swallow it, he gets it done. He’s a total genius and renaissance man.”


Source: The Source | Image: Chon Suego