Popular Youtuber Andrew Huang started his 2017 video schedule off with a comparison of two very different songs: “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” the classic nursery rhyme – though maybe they’re not as different as you might think. By breaking down the simplistic, three-note arrangement of the songs’ main melodies, Huang found enough similarities between them to warrant a solid conversation about what makes one so “cool,” and the other so “lame.”

Even though the two songs share the same three notes across their entire chorus, Huang noted that the chord progression and time spent away from the “resolution chord” made “Closer” a much more enjoyable listening experience than “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Adding in his own vocals, piano and synth work, Huang recreated the entire track from scratch with the “Mary Had A Little Lamb” lyrics to prove just how easily one can make an otherwise boring tune into a truly engaging piece of music.

What we thought was just going to be a “Closer” vs “Mary Had A Little Lamb” spoof turned about to be shockingly informative.

Watch the hilarious and very informative video below.


Image: Rukes