Daft Punk never, never do anything without reason.

So even a seemingly innocuous post to Instagram from the robot duo comes with implications, especially one such as the one posted 22 hours ago.


Daft Punk have not posted a “press” picture on Instagram in 54 weeks. The significance of this is immense, but the actual implication behind it is a lot more smokey. There’s a good chance that this means something like a tour is happening, but we can’t know for sure. And with the “Alive 2017” video the other day having gone viral, that’s where most people’s minds are headed.

UPDATE: This image is from a 2009 ad campaign to support the video gameĀ DJ Hero. However, the statement that Daft Punk doesn’t do anything frivolously still remains, and all mentions of the game have been removed from the image. The fact that this is only Daft Punk’s 3rd Instagram post in the last 12 months remains, as well.

However, it’s important to keep expectations under control to avoid crippling, despairing disappointment in the event that a tour is not in the works. Stay tuned for more information regarding this development.