Every once in a while, there comes a song that hits you different than the rest. You find yourself listening to it over and over, with each play just as impressionable as the last. Brooklyn-based artist Josh Jacobson has delivered exactly that with the release of “Polaroids” via Ostereo.

The song comes as a teaser for the rest of his debut EP, set to release later in 2017, but there is plenty of substance in the track that will keep you listening again and again as you wait for future releases. Leading up to this project, Josh Jacobson has spent countless hours refining his sound in the ‘future soul’ genre, a mix of live instruments, sultry vocals, and electronic influences.

“Polaroids,” in particular, shares a story that many of us can align with, as we have all had memories we wished we could return to and feel the way we did in that moment. Josh’s smooth-jazz vocals combined with the euphoric instrumentals create a sound that seems to be unrivaled in the music scene right now, and we look forward to hearing what the rest of the EP holds.

Have a listen to Josh Jacobson’s “Polaroids” on Spotify below!