In the last year, Monstercat has done releases for a slew of well-established producers in the EDM scene. 2016 brought artists like NERVOSeven LionsSlushii and Candyland to the label’s roster, as well as Marshmello, whose Monstercat debut “Alone” went off to become a #1 radio single. 2017 is looking up, and it all begins with the gloriously uplifting “Saving Light” from trance superstar Gareth Emery.

However, “Saving Light” is much more than a big release. Something much more valuable is at stake: human life. More often than we’d like to admit, bullying and prejudice results in the tragedy of suicide. No matter how much regret we hold, suicide can’t be undone.

In spite of that, Monstercat is looking to make a change in the world. The music video for “Saving Light” displays the harmful effects of bullying and shows how just one friend can save a life.

Disclaimer: graphic content

Throughout the month of February, Monstercat will be donating all profits from “Saving Light” to Ditch the Label in hopes of permanently ending bullying. Donate here or buy the track below to support the cause. If you’re personally struggling with bullying or being bullied, please don’t hesitate to follow this link and get help.

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