In 2016, Zomboy left his mark with his signature hit “Like a B*tch.” A staple for any neckbreaking DJ, Zomboy’s hit single ran its run around the festival and show scene, still getting played out to innumerable crowds each week. Gearing up for the release of his upcoming¬†Neon Graves Remix EP,¬†fellow bass master Kill¬†The Noise takes his turn flipping the soul-ripping track into an absolute madhouse remix.

Combining slashing guitar riffs with a powerhouse drop filled with distinct and jaw dropping sound design, Kill The Noise takes this festival classic and re-imagines the tune, bringing new life to the fan favorite. With an eerie vibe, a strong metal influence and a crowd pleasing intro that will have the masses roaring for more, you cannot miss this remix.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to snag the Neon Graves Remix EP when it drops on February 6th!