Vaski dropped his latest album this week and we can’t get enough!

The worlds of dubstep and future bass collide in Final Frontier, for a refreshingly unique album that will whisk you away into some uncharted musical territory.

Vaski fuses inventive drop patterns, selective lyrics, and video gamey accents to make for an album that’s totally fun to listen to! Meanwhile, upbeat synths and deep growls battle throughout but ultimately find a happy medium.

Personally, “Do It” and “Shake That” are my favorite tracks for the same reasons. Both scream outer space trap, and work in minimal but necessary hype lines like “keep it coming” and “damn, girl!” While “Do It” goes especially hard, “Shake That” gets especially ratchet. “Multiply” also sticks out to me as one of the most beautifully bad ass tracks on the album.

Final Frontier has a coolness about it. It’s carefully crafted and confident, and knows it.

Like I said, the album is super fun to listen to! I’ve played it through three times while writing this, and will probably repeat it again right now to be honest… Check it out!