Wednesday, May 17 at UCLA, Krewella dropped in for some high-intensity zumba with hundreds of students during a “calorie burning fitness concert.” During the concert, students even got to hear some new Krewella material, in the shape of a song entitled “Thrilla.”

Unfortunately for fans, the song is being exclusively released to the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) on May 25. We’ve confirmed the public release date will be later in the summer. Still, you can get a peek at the song recorded below!

Watch as Krewella's electric beats and these ZJs 🔥 moves turn it up at UCLA with hundreds of students getting their #Zumba on.The song? Thrilla by Krewella… coming soon. #ZumbaKrewella #PartyTime #Krewella #Epic@zjmauricio, @benjaminzj and @rodrigoangellozj

Posted by Zumba Fitness on Wednesday, May 17, 2017