Following news earlier today that the Texas RenFair would not be welcoming Middlelands back in 2018, Insomniac Events founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella issued a statement on Facebook and Instagram.

Rotella traveled the three hours via plane from Los Angeles to Houston in order to attend the town hall where the meeting decided the fate of the festival, but was told upon arrival that the meeting was over and the festival would not be welcomed back.

It’s unfortunate that the complaints of a few ruined the experience of over 60,000 individuals, not to mention the positive economic impact on the community.

Middlelands will return in 2018, but it will be somewhere else. In some ways, this could be a blessing in disguise. A new venue to explore? Bring it on.

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Posted by Pasquale Rotella on Friday, May 19, 2017