Time and time again, Cymatics proves that they are the quintessential sample and sound company in dance music right now. In 2017 alone, they have put out two of my favorite Serum packs; Nuclear and Helix. Their most recent pack, Titan, not only complements each preset pack, but stands alone as one of the best sample packs I’ve ever come across.

Titan is advertised as a Future Bass and Trap sample pack with over 2000 samples. Despite it being intended for Future Bass/Trap, I’ve found use for Titan in everything from Pop, to Dubstep, and even House. This pack is diverse, extensive, and quite honestly; amazing. Overwhelmed with the amount of samples I had to go through, here is my take on each section of the pack:

Check out Titan Here



Quite possibly my favorite part of the pack, the drums in Titan are phenomenal; and there are a lot to choose from. There are two main drum “sections” of the pack: Drum Loops, and Drum One-Shots. Included in each are the following:

Drum Loops:

Buildup Drums, Fills, Hihat Loop, Perc Loops

Drum One-Shots:

808s*, Claps (Big, Small, Flams, and Other), Hihats and Cymbals (Crashes, Open, Closed, Rides), Kicks*, Percussion, Snaps, and Snares*

Every single sample and loop are phenomenal. Snares and Kicks are tight and punchy, the Buildup Loops are a very quick way to build inspiration and a foundation for your buildups, and the Fills make workflow 10x faster. With hundreds of samples to use just from the drums, you’ll find yourself finding something new every time you reach for Titan.


In my recent productions, I’ve found myself reaching only for the Titan FX. Filled with colorful ambiances*, impacts, up and down sweeps, and risers*, and downlifters*, the pack is filled to the brim with usable FX.

My favorite part of the FX are the ambiances. The sound beds they provide can bring any section of your track from empty to full, and are integrated seamlessly. I’ve often found myself even taking several, lowpassing them, and having them follow my chord progressions for a unique effect.

Each and every effect is genuinely interesting, and can completely flip the mood of each section of your arrangement.


The instruments and synths section are incredibly extensive, and have proved to be a great source of inspiration whenever I’m stuck. With hundreds of samples to work with, the instruments and synths include:


Brass Loops, Guitar Loops, String Loops, and Piano Loops


Arp Loops, Chord Loops, Drop Loops for Future Bass and Trap, and One Shots

Each section is phenomenal. Clearly crafted with meticulous care, each loop sounds full and melodically interesting. If you are ever stuck working on one of your own songs, look to these as a source of inspiration and never look back!


One of my biggest struggles is finding good vocals to use as a drop impact, to create energy in a build, or even to have layered as a part of my breaks. With the amount of vocal Cymatics has included in this pack, I don’t ever see this being an issue anymore.

Included are Vocal Chants, Vocal Loops*, Vocal Phrases, and Vocoder Loops*. Only done by Cymatics, the Vocoder loops are unique and extremely well done. With such a unique take on the ever-so-typical vocal chop style we hear today, these will definitely make your productions more unique.

* Samples are labelled by pitch

Titan is a phenomenal pack, and one you should definitely not miss out on. Included in the pack as bonuses are:

  • Titan Samplepack
  • Phoenix Live Percussion & Foley
  • Athena MIDI Chord Progressions & Arps
  • Titan Project File Expansion (6 Project files)
  • Titan Start To Finish 17 Part Production Course
  • Beginner Sample Walkthrough Course
  • Raw Production Sessions w/ Tascione (Five 2 hour livestreams)
  • $100 Cymatics Giftcard

Titan is definitely a pack you do NOT want to miss out on. Check it out here and listen to the demo below!