As an artist, having haters comes with the territory. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and do nothing about it either. We’ve already seen Illenium expertly respond to haters on reddit, and now Kayzo has given us another sterling example of how to respond to hate with kindness and education (that could certainly be generalized into other facets of society).

Kayzo plays Mastodon’s “Danger” as a drop after teasing “Mosh Pit” by Flosstradamus in his sets, and in a message to fans in a video, he mistakenly said the track was by Megalodon. (Both artists have released on NSD’s Black Label and have fairly similar names, it’s an easy mistake.) One rather irate fellow had some choice words for Kayzo… incidentally, “washed out culture vulture” is a new favorite.

Rather than responding to hate with hate or simply blocking him from his page, Kayzo responded with a well-thought-out response detailing his gradual musical progression from his interest in dubstep with Rusko and Doctor P, to his interest in hardstyle from Showtek, and how he eventually merged the two into his own unique sound.

And according to Kayzo, it all ended on a positive note! Many people could stand to take a page from Kayzo’s playbook here.

Listen to Kayzo’s new single “Whistle Wars” below.


Photo via Scotch Photos