While we’re happy for Alana Watson of Nero who just announced she is having a child, it’s not actually the best Nero news of the day.

We received a tip from one of our readers about some texts that people are getting from Zhu, regarding his mystery Blacklizt show. The time and location for the event was announced, as well as the rule that all attendees must wear all black clothing, or they will not be allowed in.

Aside from that, however, was a bit.ly link that led to a teaser for one of the year’s biggest collabs, Zhu x Nero. Entitled “Dreamz,” the track is a brilliant blend of both producers’ styles, melding Nero’s dark electro with Zhu’s penchant for songwriting and vocals. The teaser video that comes along with the audio is also simply creepy af.

No release date on “Dreamz” yet, but holy fuck we’re stoked to hear the full thing if only the teaser is giving us full-body goosebumps.