While I personally have a huge soft spot for the original members of Circus Records, circa 2009-2012, seeing new artists join the fold and leave their mark on the label is still exciting. Enter Conrank, with his debut release on the Circus Records, a double header that should give listeners all they need to know about this epic producer.

Conrank offers up “Don’t Make Sense” and “Hyper Sound” in this release, showing off a heavy blend of grime and bass in the best ways possible. Marger lends his vocals to “Don’t Make Sense” in a rolling grime banger with heavily textured synths and wonky drums, while Son Of Kick also provides help on the production front. “Hyper Sound” lays on the wonky synths and drums even heavier, albeit without the accompanying grime. Still, it goes hard and listeners should still have no trouble getting down on the dance floor.

Check out Conrank’s debut release on Circus Records below!