One of the year’s most anticipated hardcore anthems is finally here. Since late 2016, “Party Don’t Stop” has been the go-to live track for hard dance DJs across the board (including Kayzo and Da Tweekaz), and rightfully so. The track’s bounciness is unique and unexpected for its respective genre, perhaps even being simply unmatched for its time.

“Party Don’t Stop” is absolutely huge on its surface, there’s no denying that. However, the number of hands that touched the track before it hit stores might be a little surprising. “Party Don’t Stop” was – in large part – masterminded by the legendary hardcore producers Darren StylesDougal and Gammer, but the track’s vocals can be accredited – or rather, uncredited – to Bright Lights, who originally featured the vocal lead in her Splice-exclusive sample pack. The sample would go on to be used by a number of artists (including Blasterjaxx and Bounce Inc.), but the vocal was – more or less – made famous by Croatia Squad for their future house cut “We Don’t Need No Sleep.”

Though the hardcore trio may not have had the first or most popular take on the vocal, they certainly made the most interesting and unique attempt. “Party Don’t Stop” certainly has the energetic zaniness that fans of the three producers have come to expect, but still manages to pull off a unique twist that will certainly make the song a highlight of 2017.

Listen to “Party Don’t Stop” and download the track below:

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