Well, this is certainly a mega collaboration if I’ve ever seen one. We briefly discussed a teaser that was posted earlier in the week but now this three-way smash by hitmakers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, and Kiiara is officially out!

“Complicated” seemingly strikes the perfect balance between summer festival jam and infectious radio hit that’ll easily stick in your head with its sugary-sweet lyrics and very simple chorus. There’s a good blend of all three artists’ sounds and styles here and any pop fans looking for an easy foray into EDM will have surely found a path through “Complicated.”

Though the drop isn’t the most complex we’ve ever heard – reinforced by the lyrics “We can keep it simple, baby / Let’s not make it complicated” – the melodies in the track are memorable enough to keep the tune in your head for a full day or more.

Check out the track below.