Can we all just give Skrillex a break? We know he’s one of the hardest working dudes in the game, and yet when he puts out a new original song that we just kinda don’t like, y’all jump down his throat? Not cool.

Skrillex just put out “Would You Ever” with Poo Bear, a track that’s somewhat reminiscent of his earlier tracks “With You, Friends” or “Leaving” – and everyone just wanted the dubstep Skrillex back. News flash, Skrillex hasn’t been about pure dubstep for a long time. His features on Elliphant, Big Grams, A$AP Ferg, and Mr Oizo tunes, as well as producing for a number of other artists, including Justin Bieber, should have clued you in on that years ago.

And yet, people were somehow angry with him that he put out “Would You Ever”? We have to learn to be okay with artists putting out different kinds of music. And this isn’t to say that we have to forgive music that is objectively bad… but that’s not what this is about at all. The song is impeccably produced, as we should expect from a collaboration between Skrillex and Poo Bear.

In the end, we’ll let Skrillex have the final words…

You do you, man.


Photo via Jas Davis