It looks like TomorrowWorld may be coming back, though in what form, when, and where is currently unknown.

While the parent festival Tomorrowland rages on in Belgium for its second weekend, local publication De Tijd reports that communications between Tomorrowland and American promoters Live Style are alive and well.

Live Style is the company that was born out of the ashes of the now dissolved SFX Entertainment, which partnered with Tomorrowland for the American version of the festival.

“The relations between SFX and Tomorrowland were acidified, but now that new people are in control of the current LiveStyle, there is a new approach,” said Tomorrowland spokesman Debby Wilmsen.

The timing of the festival is still questionable, as organizing something like this takes time. There’s hope that it will happen by 2018, but there’s a good chance it will be after.

We’ve reached out to Ms. Wilmsen and other representatives for Tomorrowland for comment.

UPDATE: Wilmsen was able to get back to us and confirmed Tomorrowland has a renewed contract with LiveStyle, and would like to continue expanding abroad.

Is TomorrowWorld really back?!


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Editor’s note: for those of you that remember our April Fool’s joke from this year, this is not that. This is real.