Even though he’s definitely a producer/DJ, Calvin Harris has been through as many women as most A-List celebrities. However, in the public eye, most people just remember him for his 15-month tryst with singer/songwriter/pop icon Taylor Swift.

But before Tay-Tay, there was Aarika Wolf, whom Harris left in favor of Swift after he and the latter met at the Brit Awards in March 2015.

Now, it seems Harris is getting back with Wolf, according to witness accounts. Earlier this summer, she reportedly flew to Vegas to see him during one of his residency sets at Omnia Nightclub.

“She was in the DJ booth and gazing at him all night. They left together in a car at the end,” a source told The Sun on August 1.

“There was always a real spark between them,” a friend added. “Everyone’s happy that they’ve reconnected.”

Harris and Wolf originally dated for less than a year before he cuddled up with Swift.


[via Fans of Taylor]