The first time I heard this remix was from A Boy & A Girl together in an Uber, drunk on the way home from Space Yacht in Los Angeles – must have been a month or two ago, maybe three. When I heard it, I remember saying to them, “Yo, I’m premiering this.”

Now, months later, I’m getting my wish.

The remix takes the vocals as only a hook for the ensuing madness, which, let me tell you, is quite insane. It’s the musical equivalent of an insane asylum from the ’60s, without any government regulations. The synths phase in and out with reckless abandon, creating pockets of bass that are impossible to escape from. Their unique spin on the track, including a little vocal plug of their own name toward the middle, puts an entirely new spin on this instant hit from Kayzo and RIOT.

And don’t even get me started on the breakbeat bridge – any time you get that into a track and make it fit, you’ve already got me hooked.

Check out the remix below and grab it for free if you dig it!