The hour is almost upon the dubstep and bass music communities as Run DMT gets ready to release Revolutionaire, his first full-length album on Kill Your Ego since his remix album over two years ago. The official drop date is August 14, and fans should be ready for a very diverse album. Case in point: the single collab with SOBO, “I Saw a Light.”

Your EDM introduced the dnb project known as SOBO a few months back with dual single called Dem Bettah Know/Feel U, a diverse offering which covered the span of drum and bass history by incorporating old jungle beats, liquid song composition, ragga vocal samples and lots of punchy jump up flourishes. On “I Saw a Light,” drum and bass rules once again since SOBO is involved, but it’s yet another completely different vibe. Liquid doesn’t quite describe this track, although it definitely has some ambient elements. The beat is mostly amen-based, although the way it’s put together is quite different and most likely a nod to Run DMT’s unconventional beat-making style. The ambient, retro-sounding synths run throughout the track along with a ravey second synth which may likely be an old sample. There’s lots of those throughout the track: jungle vocal punches at the end of the amens as well as vocal samples which hearken back to the glory days of movie samples, around 1997-2001 in dnb’s history.

“I Saw a Light” is a surprising offering on Revolutionaire, but one which shows the diversity of both Run DMT and SOBO, as well as their respect and love for amens, jungle samples and all things drum and bass. The modern, ambient twist on these dnb elements makes for a cohesive track which is chill, danceable and mixable all at the same time.

Revolutionaire will be out on Kill Your Ego Monday, August 14. In the meantime, Run DMT has also put together a killer prequel playlist which includes songs from the album as well as classics which inspire him.