I’d never heard of Broshi before this week – and with only 8 followers on SoundCloud and 21 likes on Facebook at time of publishing, I would be surprised if anyone had. But after being sent this debut EP by an artist who seemingly came out of nowhere, I’m hooked.

The 3-track EP is packed with energy and style. The opening track “Go” wastes no time in getting right to the point, with a minimal, metronomic intro that dives straight into heavily textured bass – it’s a fairly simple beat that gives way to a more melodic bounce rhythm and then goes even further, building upon itself at every turn.

The second track, “Serpentine,” is no different as far as getting right into the thick of things. The drop is maniacal and heavily tinged with that jungle terror flair, but not quite so off-putting as most tracks that come out of that genre. There’s a little jersey club thrown into the mix that balances out the ferocity of synths quite nicely.

By the time we get to the final track, “Energy,” you’ve got the pattern down. However, it does throw you a bit of a curveball. The intro is longer, the drop isn’t as caustic, the rhythm isn’t as … rhythmic. It focuses more on a heavy flow and vibes than anything else, making it a perfect bookend for the EP as a whole.

The EP is a surprisingly strong debut from an unknown newcomer – check it out below and grab your free download here.