A funny exchange between Diplo and Rihanna might actually pay off for the producer!

There were many takeaways from his recent interview with GQ Style, but what stuck out most was his rehashing of Ri Ri’s rather hilarious insult she dished out after hearing one of his tracks — “This sounds like a reggae song at an airport.”

Well, soon after her diss went from untold story, to viral headline, and then to common knowledge within the entertainment industry, Rihanna answered back. She played it off simply yet sincerely with a much needed, “my bad,” but then things got real.

“It was like the headlines and eventually Rihanna Instagrammed the interview, and we DM’d on Twitter about a song,” Diplo explained to Elvis Duran of Z100.

So maybe… Just maybe, we can expect an airport reggae inspired collaboration soon!

Diplo Talks Rihanna Sliding Into His DMs