The very idea that neo-Nazi laden record labels even exist is troubling, and certain instances are coming to light as in the case of Behold Barbarity Records / Distro

A Minneapolis lawmaker by the name of Aaron Wayne Davis has been identified as the head of the label that supports racism and anti-Semitism, and since been removed from his place of employment. A report from City Pages first pointed out Davis as a partner at Patterson Thuente, and the firm was quick to act and release a statement.

“Aaron Davis is no longer employed by Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. Prior to the story, no one in the firm had any inclination regarding the allegations in the article.”

While the firm’s web presence once highlighted Davis as a “a key member of Patterson Thuente’s litigation team” and spoke to his ability to “assist record labels, artists, and entertainment companies throughout the United States,” he’s been wiped completely from the site.

Despite Behold Barbarity Records’ blatant, distasteful, and offensive imagery and lyrics (i.e. a song called “Kill the Jews,” an album titled Behead the Semite), Patterson Thuente claims it had no idea that Davis’ business supported such hateful acts.

Source: City Pages