London police have issued a warning after a woman recently died from consuming a pill that contained both ecstasy (MDMA) and ketamine. In addition, two men were rushed to the hospital after taking the drug, which is reported to appear in orange, rectangular pills.

The 22-year-old woman died at a hospital on August 28 after falling ill at a house party in Knight’s Hill, Lambet. Her friend, a young man in his 20s also seriously suffered from the same drug, but since has bounced back from being in critical condition.

In another case, a 17-year-old is still in critical condition after being rescued from Electric nightclub in Brixton. He reportedly took the same concerning drug police are warning of.

A spokesperson close to the matter said said: “Anyone who has taken these substances and feels unwell is advised to seek medical treatment. There is always a risk that people may suffer ill-effects through taking illegal drugs, and the clear advice of police and medical professionals is not to take such substances.”

Source: Metro | Photo via Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images