Adidas just took the most genius step in footwear!

If you love going out and about with awesome kicks, then you know the risks involved when you wear them to a crowded festival or event. Each move you make, your shoes are obviously susceptible to dirt, but being around party animals like yourself, the risks get even higher. Beer spills and vomit are your shoes’ worst enemies, as the stains and smells might not ever come out.

This year, Adidas has created a design it’s calling “the perfect sneakers for Oktoberfest,” which is literally just that. It’s a brand new design concept made to repel beer and vomit, available for €199 ($238). Maybe it’s a bit of a splurge, but at least you probably won’t have to replace them after one crazy weekend.

“Prost” can be clearly read on the side of the shoe — German for “Cheers!” — making the kicks even more festive!

If this new type of shoewear is a success, we hope Adidas makes these bad boys available in even more styles and colors. Maybe even in time for festival season!?

H/T: Fortune | Shop the style: Adidas