Either this is some kind of weird attempt at a publicity stunt, or rapper B.o.B. truly thinks the Earth is flat… and we don’t know which is worse.

B.o.B.’s most popular song “Airplanes” featuring Haley Williams of Paramore talks about the night sky, and shooting stars — which is exactly the perspective he wants on our planet. The rapper is not only a vocal proponent the Flat Earth theory, he’s also crowd-funding the launch of satellites to gather evidence to prove (or disprove) it.

In the video below B.o.B. discusses looking for “the curve,” because apparently he’s not taking NASA’s word for it.

Things aren’t looking too promising, as B.o.B. has only raised $2,903 of his $1 million dollar goal thus far, via GoFundMe. Oh yeah, and $1,000 of that was his own money.

B.o.B. Looks For The Curve

What’s up guys! Help support B.o.B purchase and launch one, if not multiple, satellites into space. He’s donated 1k to the cause to get it going, and will be keeping you updated with step-by-step documentation of the process! Help B.o.B find the curve!

B.o.B. – Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams