Cross industry promotion is a real industry unto its own, so it’s no surprise that Google wanted to bring in some real music stars from the music world to promote their new product, the Google Home Max.

Unlike the Google Home Mini, which aims to compete against Amazon’s Echo Dot, the Home Max looks to compete against the still unreleased Apple HomePod, or the Sonos Play:1.

“Just like the Pixel reimagined the camera, we’ll do the same with sound,” Chandra says. “To sound great, the speaker needs to adjust to your home. So today, we’re announcing smart sound, that allows the speaker to adjust to you: your home, your preferences.”

Of course, the Home Max supports a variety of streaming services, including Spotify and YouTube Music, and of course Google Play.

It costs $399, and will come out in the US in December with a free 12 month subscription to YouTube Music.

In demonstrating how to use it, Google enlisted Diplo to tell us how he’s critical of music and why having devices in every room of his home for listening is paramount to his life. Check out the trailer below: