The notorious Ghost Ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people is making headlines yet again, as the owner of the venue is set to be awarded a multi-million dollar insurance payout from the December 2, 2016 incident.

The owner of the Oakland, California warehouse was reportedly never questioned, never charged, and never even spoke out about the tragedy. Now, local news outlet KTVU reports that Chor Ng will be granted $3 million dollars.

KTVU reporters tracked Ng down for comment, but got very little out of her.

Ng is not being held responsible for the deaths that resulted from the fire. Meanwhile, the event’s organizers Max Harris and Derick Almena, have plead not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Attorney Curtis Briggs to KTVU: “She profited off this tragedy. She essentially created this fire trap by being a slumlord. [The Ngs] didn’t see the human life, they saw the dollar signs.”

Ghost Ship Payout


H/T: Billboard | Source: KTVU | Image via Wikipedia