Some people aren’t fans of hip hop artists being featured on dance music tracks, but honestly I’m a huge fan of it – if it’s good, at least. I’m not the biggest fan of Fetty Wap, but he’s kept within his wheelhouse in this new single with Cheat Codes and CVBS, “Feels Great.”

It definitely leans heavier on the pop side than traditional dance music, especially with the inclusion of Fetty Wap and CVBS, but like the work that Louis The Child or The Chainsmokers are coming out with now, there’s still those dance music roots at work.

“Feels Great is our version of a John Hughes movie in song form. Everybody loves to look back at the glory days, but being young is just a state of mind.  Fetty joining us on this song is the icing on the cake. We’re label partners with him and we played a show with him in Texas a few months back. This dude always has a smile on his face, so when we originally had the demo of the song we immediately thought he’d be perfect on it.” – Cheat Codes

“It was dope to collaborate with Cheat Codes. We’re on the same label so this was fun. Can’t wait to hear more out of these guys and share some success together.” – Fetty Wap

Listen to “Feels Great” below.