Let the games begin… Taylor Swift‘s music video for “Ready For It” has unleashed its wrath, and Calvin Harris finds himself as the target of some subtle digs in the production.

While the pop star recently revealed that love songs on her upcoming album reputation are mainly about her ex Joe Alwyn, it seems she can’t resist bringing others into the mix. Fans drew immediate comparisons between the teaser video for “Ready For It” with the album art for Calvin’s smash hit “This Is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna, a song Swift secretly wrote.

The new music video is full of imagery, and features a “cyborg” version of Taylor — which not-so-coincidentally sounds a lot like the word “Sjoberg.” And Nils Sjoberg just so happens to be the pseudonym Taylor used to co-write “This Is What You Came For.”

Director Joseph Kahn confirmed this theory, by tweeting out the following on the day of the release:

Not that we ever doubted the Swifties for a second, but this is proof “Ready For It” takes a strike at Calvin.

Taylor Swift …Ready For It? Music Video


Source: Hollywood Life